D E S I G N  S T U D I O



it's the inside that counts™


At the root of this statement is an ancient Talmudic concept called “Shalom Bayit,” which literally means “Home Peace” in Hebrew. Combining this wisdom with my interior design experience, working with families in their homes, I believe that your physical surroundings at home possess the power to set the stage for your life. Your home is where you go to sleep every night, and where you wake up every morning.
When looked at it this way, the importance of feeling good in your home really becomes clear.

We are all, by nature, very visual. We’ve all heard of the saying: “Out of sight, out of mind.” The same could be said for the opposite: In sight, in mind. Just the way a simple haircut or a few pounds shed can help a person take the next steps to improve on the inside, the same goes for a home makeover. We often see things first, and then we can feel them.

So get rid of the clutter, and of all the heavy and stressful physical barriers in your home, and replace
them with things that make you feel light, happy and productive. Now you’re on your way to energizing and beautifying your home; thus, your heart and mind! Eliminating the physical clutter leads to eliminating that, often heavier, emotional clutter, allowing room for freedom and clarity towards Peace in the Home.

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